Is there a such thing as privacy in relationships

Dr. EJ Harmon August 19, 2019 

The term privacy is “the state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people”. To some it means I’m able to do something without someone being in my business or providing your input regarding what I am doing. To others it may mean do not ask me anything regarding what I am doing, if I want you to know I will tell you or ask your input if needed. Or at the end of the day privacy is just as simple as that, private, no further explanation is needed. So, what does that mean when it comes to a relationship, are there barriers, are there stipulations, or is there no privacy?

I’m sure this is a question that has come about in relationships, and normally it comes to light when addressing the ultimate privacy item, the cellphone. We aren’t talking about mail, your bank account, the vehicle, possible mortgage information. This conversation will normally come to the forefront when someone tries to view their significant others portable cellular device. So, the question is, if you are in a relationship, is your cellphone off limits to your partner, and is their cellphone off limits to you? This one device has created many problems in a relationship because a person may feel the cellphone is their personal item and no one should have access to it. It is their private device and they do not wish to share its contents with anyone.

So, is it that a person is being private, and they wish for you to respect their privacy, or are they hiding something? That is the thought that rambles around in a person’s mind, are they really being that private or are they attempting to hide something from me. If we are in this committed relationship, then why am I not able to see this device that they rarely place down they are on 24/7, their main communication device? So, is it that you are invading their privacy, or are you able to see something a person is hiding? Does the device having a lock on it automatically mean something is being hidden, or is it locked in case you lose it and you do not want the person finding it having access to your private world? Do you want someone having access to all of you contacts, pictures, text message, emails, or bank information? In that aspect that sounds like you are trying to protect your privacy, but what does your partner think when they see that locked device? What is it they don’t want me to see, who have they been speaking to, texting, IG’ing, or snapchatting?

So, the question that people must ask themselves if this is truly something that is thought about or even discussed is am, I truly being private, or is it that I do not want the person that I am with having access to my phone. Some people may truly be that private, but then I guess the question turns into if you are entrusting this person to everything else in your life, why not a cellphone. You open the doors to this person having your entire mind and body, but when it comes to that cellphone, limitations come into to play. And to also play devil’s advocate, if I trust you enough to let you into everything in my life, why do you think something is being hidden on a cellphone?

Is there a such thing as privacy in relationships? As Mister said on The Color Purple, could be, could be not

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