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Men & Their Mental Health

Your mental health is more times than not, pushed to the side and dismissed when it is just as important, if not more than our physical health. The stigma that is put on males, is there is a weakness in discussing your feelings, or that what you could be currently dealing with is not important. Read more

Who Am I & What Should I Be Doing?

A question that we may have posed to ourselves at some point in our lives. It is a question that creates reflection, spiritual answers for some, and comparison for others. A reflection regarding time or what you may have done throughout your life. Your experiences, your learned lessons, right decisions, wrong decisions, or did I choose the right or wrong fork in the road?

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Increase in Suicides in Children

Child suicide is a subject that most parents do not want to think about since they do not believe this is something their child would ever do. It becomes one of those; if
we do not discuss it, our child will not know anything about it. It is as if silence will make the child oblivious to suicide. No matter how much we may read about it or
see it occurring daily, it is perceived that I do not believe that is something that my child would ever do, while not even having conversations with your child regarding
their daily experiences
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Is there a such thing as privacy in relationships

The term privacy is “the state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people”. To some it means I’m able to do something without someone being in my business or providing your input regarding what I am doing. To others it may mean do not ask me anything regarding what I am doing, if I want you to know I will tell you or ask your input if needed.

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