Author: DR. EJ. Harmon

Date June 17, 2019

Your mental health is more times than not, pushed to the side and dismissed when it is just as important, if not more than our physical health. The stigma that is put on males, is there is a weakness in discussing your feelings, or that what you could be currently dealing with is not important. If males attempt to discuss mental issues they may be experiencing, they are criticized and looked upon as being weak, frail, or possibly less than a man. It is as if to say, you are a man, and discussing any issues that you are experiencing would make you less than a man.

The inability of a male to discuss mental issues they are experiencing turns into a greater issue since now this same man is going to suffer in silence. They would much rather hold their problems in than to discuss a problem and to be looked-down-upon. They would instead create a barrier to hold all their issues internally, than to let someone in and then to be told, well things happen, or just deal with it and it will get better. Not having an outlet to discuss mental issues have the ability of turning into, I must find ways to deal with this issue myself. Some males may turn to addiction as a way of coping with problems they feel no one can or will understand. If this coping mechanism decreases the mental pain a man feels, they have now self-diagnosed and resolved the issue, and not understanding, the problem is still there, but now it just has a cover over it.

Instead of being afraid of mental issues, or even scared to discuss the mental problems because of how we are looked upon, it is essential to address feelings that we may have. If we are going through something, it is likely that another man is experiencing the same thing, or something similar. It is important to open up and express yourself, without fear that the world is going to view you as being weak or inferior. One of the worst things that we can do as males is to keep what is going on with us mentally shielded from the world, it will affect us physically, and keep tearing us down mentally.

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